NYUCD Tech Club

Hey everyone! So what's going on? We are in the process of starting a new club called NYUCD Computing and Gadgetry Club.

I just got the website setup and you could check it out at www.nyucdtech.com

So you wanna learn how to replace HDD with SSD? How to build a personal website? What phone to get? How to edit videos? How to piece together your custom PC? Join us!

Who are we? We consider ourselves geeks of the technology and we are always hungry for knowledge. We talk general tech news, product reviews, various hardware and software tutorials, and finally, tips how to do well in dental school.

We strive our best to help you with all of your technical needs, and we do it all: upgrading, repairing, hardware/software installation, purchasing advice and various tutorials.

If you were looking for the best place to learn about technology and talk with like-minded folks about all things tech, then NYUCD Computing and Gadgetry Club is for you. There is no place like NYUCD with so many curious fellow dental students like you, and we want you! Join us at the facebook group link below! And please feel free to pm/email me any questions.