Art-i-stick , New way to decorate your wall

"You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea”

Do you feel stuck in that old boring room of yours?
Have you thought a zillion times about giving your room a makeover but u think it’s too much of an effort?
Have you tried setting your furniture in every possible way, changed the curtains or filled your bedroom with posters but still it seems like something is missing??
Are your walls in need of a new look?
Are you moving into a new house and you so wish your new room would feel right?
Is your newly painted room lacking some creativity and you want to make it different?
Are you desperate to decorate your room but you just don’t know where to start or what to do?

If your answer to any of these questions is a BIG FAT YES then you’re in the right group… it’s time for a room makeover!

What we can offer you in order to give your room a new look and a new feeling are so called decals. These are stickers that you can easily apply to your walls to jazz up your room … Take a look at the pictures added to our group so that you can imagine how these stickers would look like on your walls. Wall stickers are the easiest, quickest, newest and most importantly cheapest way to decorate your room. Forget the cost and hassle of wallpaper and paint. Wall stickers make it possible to change your room in minutes…
You can choose from a wide variety of stickers, the options are endless.
Are you into music? Then settle for a guitar and drums on your walls..
Are you a party animal? Then let’s get the party started in your room by having disco dancers on your walls.
Into football? Let your wall show what a football freak you are.
Are you a wind surfer? Go for “beach walls”.
Shortly, add character to your room. Find yourself in it ! Let it show who you are … Breathe new life into it.. Turn your room from an ordinary into an extraordinary one…

Why settle for average when you can ROCK your world with wall stickers?
It’s not just about the furniture, your walls have potential too ! Walls have a tremendous impact on the look of a room, so if you’re looking for a change your walls are definitely the place to start!

Where to start: It’s so easy!

Just call us on :01001055778 or e-mail us at : [email protected]

When you do that we will 1st show you all the stickers we have that you might not have seen in the group pictures .. Once you’ve chosen the design you want we’ll get it ready for you and come to your house, apply it on your wall and then leave you enjoy your new, sexy room !!!

Costs: Of course it differs from sticker to sticker according to how big it is .
But you’ve got a number of stickers starting at the price of 80 EGP !!!