1st graders of Baghdad medical college 2014-2015

"1st graders of baghdad medical college 2014-2015" group welcomes everyone over here :) ,

It is simply just an unofficial group targeting to gather the more students who're involved in this year's first stage of baghdad university- college of medicine together and sum up six-years of knowledge,hardworking , fitting eachother's needs, sharing the funny and the sad moments .. all of this among us like one family. "so that was just the outer frame of the group".

* there is no admins and no leaders here but we may need only "self-mentoring" to keep the general ethical tact usually exist that's all :) "

if we try to go deeper, we can make this group such a generous platform to :

- reinforce more certified skills for us as medical students.

- give hands for better understanding bonds between eachother and appear the bright side of a unique stage in our intended college.

- detect opportunities like some cultural bridges in the field we gonna inspire each other in, which i mean medical events like some initiatives we could coordinate something between you and the organizers of them like "IFMSA-IQ the international federation of medical students association in Iraq" or like "your health first team", "there is always campaign" all of those initiatives are run by young people and medical students like us under the supervision of some sponsors and etc..