Oak Ridges, ON Buy and Sell by Alyssa Cohen, Forest Hill Vaughan

Hi Neighbours!
Just thought I would start this group because I love shopping classifieds but everything seems to be out of our area. Feel free to add your friends to the group and I will confirm them as soon as I can. Message me if you have any questions about the Rules below.

The Rules of this Group: This page if for local residents of Oak Ridges and southern Aurora, Ontario to buy and sell goods and services. Please read the rules and not abuse the group and we can all save some money. Add all your friends so we can get the word out.

1. You can bump/re-add your ad to the front a once a week
2. If an item is SOLD, remove it!
3. Multiple postings on the same item is not allowed
4. This is a site for selling, not socializing.
5. After having an ad on the board for 1 month, it will be deleted. Feel free to re- add it if it’s still for sale.
6. Please provide pictures if possible
7. Must have price under picture.
8. Businesses may advertise once a week
9. Businesses must provide their company name and contact information if they are to advertise.