90 Day Year - December 2015

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===========Community Rules===========

The value of a group comes down to a balance of contribution, engagement and received value.

Which is why we typically have posts that fall into 3 Categories:

1 - [Ask] - This is a request from the group for advice, tips or insight on a current challenge or decision you're faced with. (Typically, advice, feedback or intro.)

2 - [Share] - This could be a resource you personally us or you've just come across that you think would provide value to the group or sub-section of the group i.e. e-commerce, service-based etc....


It could be sharing an experience you just had in your business that delivered a great learning lesson.

3 - [Update] - This is a post that is typically closing the loop on an earlier [Ask], or just sharing a win in your business you're proud of.

4 - [Props] - This is a post where you get to place another 90 Day Year person in the spotlight because they helped you in some way.

So. When creating a post... the easiest way for people to get value out of the group is to simply start your post off with:

'Brackets' [Insert Category] and then create your post. Deal? Great!

Now let's transform your business and get you working smart!

Please note that the "No Solicitation Policy" still stands as well.


Module 1 Q&A - https://www.facebook.com/groups/779293102175573/permalink/785630224875194/

Module 2 Q&A - https://www.facebook.com/groups/779293102175573/permalink/789526254485591/

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