Service Rig Hands Only

This group is for everyone, but if you wish to post or comment, it must be Service Rig related. All references about drilling rigs will be deleted. The true idea for this group is to post pics of your pride, tell story's of today and ones of the past, to have a forum to discuss day to day things that can happen on a Service Rig. If you are looking for hands, or are a hand looking for work, (service rigs only) feel free to post once. If you find a hand or get work because of a connection made from this group, post that. Its always good to hear good feed back on how the group is helping Service Rig Hands out. On this group you must do your best to respect each other. We don't need any internet tough guys causing a bunch of crap. We will delete you if we feel you have crossed the line. Other then that, have fun, share story's, make jokes, post pics, and be proud of what you do everyday.