Kenyan Women In The USA (KWITU)

This group is for Kenyan women living in the USA & Canada Only.
...We are all unique ladies facing the same challenges living here in the USA. Come let's share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the beautiful. Let us celebrate each other and empower one another. Feel free to post on the wall at any time, this is your group, own it.

House Rules:
1.No Bullying.
2.What Happens here, stays here.
3.Use English and Swahili to post or Comment, otherwise attach translation.
4.All requests for Donations Must be Approved by Group Admins.
5. Porn and The Use of Sexually Explicit Language will not be tolerated.

Admins Reserve the Right to Delete the Posts that Violate the Rules.

DISCLAIMER: Members are fully responsible for their Posts and Comments.