Swag League

Alright just so everyone knows how the scoring system works.

Players Stat Category

Value Field Goals Made (FGM) 1.0
Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -0.45
Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -0.75
Free Throws Made (FTM) 1.0
3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3.0
Points Scored (PTS) 0.5
Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5
Assists (AST) 2.0
Steals (ST) 3.0
Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.0
Turnovers (TO) -2.0

Active players on your roster score points or accumulate stats for your fantasy team. Here are some of the details on how that works.

Fantasy points or stats are awarded based on how well your players perform in each of several statistical categories.
Who can score points for your team

All players in your active lineup:
Any utility players who are not on the bench. (Really, any non-benched player on the roster)

Bench players will show their personal statistics and, if your league is points-based, points earned in each contest as they occur. These stats or points are NOT added to your team totals as long as the player is on the bench.

All active players earn points or stats for all of your league's categories for which they are eligible.

Also keep in mind

Players traded or dropped from your team will score points or compile stats for your team until the trade or drop is finalized. You keep all points or stats earned up to that point.

You don't inherit points or stats from a player that were earned on another team, or while that player was on Waivers or in Free Agency.