Vintage Technology

This group is about Vintage Technology over the past 2 centuries when the Industrial Revolution started. Postings and comments will be about scientific accomplishments that changed the world and stayed with us. Old Radio Technology will be the prime focus. Diversified among the science’s. Radio Technology ~ Electricity ~ Steam Engines, Inventions, Light Bulbs, Phonographs, Movie Projectors, Telephones, Etc. We will try to stay focused on technology that could be found in most homes still today.

We will not be getting into obvious technology like old automobiles, etc. Not because they weren't an important part of the industrial revolution, but because there are dozens of Facebook groups already for old Automobiles.

We hope to attract serious people with photos of historic items and events to share and stories to regale appreciators of the change technology brought and have questions and answers about the Where, Why and What that drove the new technology up to the edge of the computer age.

We hope to focus on everyday items like Radios, Telephones, Movie Projectors, etc. Those things that we are still using, or using remnants of in our homes, stopping at the edge of computer technology because there are many computer Facebook groups already established.

You are welcome to buy or sell or inquire about something you are looking for. But, OUTRIGHT SPAMMERS WILL BE PERMENANTLY DELETED. Colini