Championship Entertainment

It's all about Championships! Whether commemorative, replica, real or bootleg.. it's all about championships! Post, talk, sell or trade. Simple rules are:

1. When posting a belt for sale or trade, please either take a "belt selfie" (a picture of you with the belt) or have your name on the picture (there are apps for editing pictures). If not, we will ask you to post it correctly immediately or it will be removed. EVERY POST that has a belt for sale or trade MUST have a picture and price.

2. Any bashing of ANY kind will result in a warning. Three results will end in the person being banned.

3. No racism or prejudice will be tolerated!

4. Enjoy the hobby. Don't make it a job. Make it fun, make it entertainment!

5. No one is bigger than this group. Not even the admins. We are all in it for fun!