Forum for the Advancement of Federal System in Malawi (FAFESM)

Forum for the Advancement of Federal System in Malawi has been created and is currently championing a sober civic education on what federal system in Malawi could be. Most politicians, particulary those sorrounding the ruling elite have deliberately decided to distort the actual definition of Federal System. Experts are on this page to help each one of us grasp key pointers. The hope is thay everyone will leave this page fully satisfied and a complete convert of the understanding that once Malawi adopts a federal system, development will boom within a very short period of time. For example, take the MK729 Billion that has been approved in Parliament for 2014-2015 FY. Divide that by 28 districts (assuming the are all States), each one would get no less than MK20 Billion. Imagine Balaka having MK20 Billion for one year. And yet, all this money is only plundered by very few politicians leaving a poor Malawian, in fact, the real beneficiary at Thekerani suffering in abject poverty. Councils have no moneys. This Unitary system has allowed all powers to govern Malawi under one individual, the President. He dictates everything. Parliament and cabinet ministers are but only rubber stamps.