600+ African American Businesses Acknowledgement Network

I'm Jeffrey T. Dawkins, Chairman of South Suburban Black Wall Street-Chicago.

SSBWS-Chicago Mission is Business and Economic Development throughout African American communities.

The 600+ African American Businesses Acknowledgement will bring Awareness of our African American Businesses Nation Wide.

This concept comes from Black Wall Street Greenwood Oklahoma in the early 1900's when a community of African Americans built 600 successful businesses that was destroyed on May 31 and June 1, 1921. The first bombing on American soil.

If you do not know this part of our hidden history, I suggest you research it and you will be amazed. GAP Band's Uncle Charlie is from here...GAP is Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street...The Song, You Drop the Bomb on Me...Baby is about the bombing.

Enjoy the networking !!!