Why this group exist?

Do you have a dream to become Microsoft Certified Professional then this group will help you. Because we truly believe if one get right direction, tools and motivation then any one can become Microsoft Certified Professional.

How we will help you?

We encourage you to ask questions. Tell us what you need to learn, if you're confuse on a topic post here, if its a bug that's been troubling you under development post a screen shot of error here then someone in this group will fix it for you, if you are beginner and just started with a 'hello world' and want to learn more and become an #MCP tell us here we'll help you.

What do we want from our community?

We encourage each and every member of this group to participate in discussion. If someone post a question and you know its answer then do not hesitate to answer that question we'll highly appreciate your contribution in community and on each month we'll feature top 2 members on our page whose contribution in that particular month is much higher than the others.