800 Birds

Birds of a feather flock together.
[Check out some of our event... videos on Youtube, such as this one from our Game Design from Best Mind event on 2013-05-23 http://youtu.be/y2il4FB862w]

We are an organically grown startup community with friends from all over the world. Monthly events featuring special guest speakers and demos from early stage startup are held in the heart of Silicon Valley at San Francisco and Palo Alto alternately.

We love startups and invite you to participate, come speak and make friends beyond just exchange business cards.
Feel free to Contact Shirley Lin via:
Facebook: Facebook: http://facebook.com/shirleylinc
LinkedIn: LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shirleylinc

::: Membership criteria:::
Founder, Entrepreneur, Developers, Self-inflicted-slave-driver? you must play at least 3 out of the four leading title roles above. Honestly, if you are not, you'll get seriously bored by our meetings.

We have a lot of energy, abundant of passion and enthusiasm and this is a genuinely peer-to-peer sharing and learning community. Don't come in as a salesman just to pitch. If you do, you'll be disliked instantly.

The philosophy applies as follows.

We believe that entrepreneurs deserve more than just 30 seconds or 3 min. to tell their story of their ideas and the product out of their love of technologies, sleepless nights and showerless days!

Based in Silicon Valley, we meet every month gathering startup founders/geeks with more focus on social apps, to genuinely share ideas, technical expertise, business experiences, to vent on the platform guys for keep changing their policies, and of course to network.

Different from other tech events, at our events, each entrepreneur is given spot light, either as speaker to demo or as participant.

Our live demos are for the real internet products. Our speakers usually talk shop about the technologies of their products and share their entrepreneurial experiences - whether good or bad.

We welcome entrepreneurs and geeks to join, so long as you are genuinely willing to share your experiences and knowledge too.

Formerly ERT was originally started by only a handful of some really smarites Facebook application developers including John Fan, Flora Sun, Teck Chia, Waleed Waleed Abdulla, Dave Westwood, SueZanne Toh and frequented by founders such as Aihui Ong, Meng-you Yang, Yong Su Kim, Chris Cinelli, Robert Yau. The group started with only 3 -4 geeks eager to share and exchange technical tips and knowledge in the early days when Facebook first open up its APIs.
Shirley joined in late 2007 and have been a loyal member since. She started curating the monthly gathering since mid-2008.

Our events have become one of the top 5 Silicon Valley best events, due to its well delivered no-nonsense content, high quality speakers as well as participants that have made the deeper networking and bonding among its thousands of attendees.

800 Birds is a Silicon Valley phenomenon indeed!!