Marikina City Buy and Sell Group

To all members, this group is made so that all MARIKENYOS can have a safe and easy way to buy or sell online and within our city. Please do read our rules before posting or it will be deleted if found incomplete/lack of post information and even against the rules implemented. Offenders will be given warnings and will be automatically kicked out on his/her 3rd offense.
1. Marikina City Buy and Sell Group is solely for buying and selling, hence the group name. Posting of Networking Companies/Groups is not allowed. (However, posting of items/products for sale is okay. Example: For Sale: Royale Whitening Soap for just 250 pesos! Buy now!)
2. When selling something please put complete details of item. (Actual Photo, Price, Condition if Secondhand, Swapping value if for swap, Meet-up Location, Contact Number if not always online) Incomplete post details will be deleted after an hour if not yet edited after the thread starter was reminded to do so.
Looking or wants to buy something? Start your post with Looking For. (Example: Looking for Leche Puto onhand and ready for meetup.
3. Respect each other’s post.
No bullying, trolling, flaming, bashing other members. (LESS TALK, LESS MISTAKE)
No hijacking of posts (Example: Someone posted something and then you’ll offer the same item at a cheaper price.) Respect the thread starter! Make a post of your own!
No SPAMMING! (Duplicate ads 5+)
No Obscene, pornographic materials.
4. No posting of shared link of page or album. Post an album in the group with prices on each photos. Or even put your link in the comment area instead. That way we could keep our group clean and organized.
5. This group is not liable for your transactions online. But we will do our best to check on possible scammers for everyone’s safety. However, let’s be aware ourselves. You can ask if a person is legit or not within the group. We also encourage vouching for each other whenever a transaction is done successfully.
We are hoping for everyone's cooperation. You can contact us (ADMINS) if you have other questions, reports or inquiries. THANK YOU!