Portal Wine Bar

The story of our logo’s Chinese conversion…

In Portuguese, ‘por...tal’ refers to the main gate of the vineyard. In looking for how to translate the image of Portal into Chinese, we looked at our current graphic and what it meant. We decided on the version above, which In Cantonese is phonetically pronounced ‘dai mun’ (‘da men’ in Mandarin). It literally translates into ‘Big Gate’ or ‘Main Gate’. It is a pictogram of the Chinese Emperor’s gates at the time the written language was being created. However, there were several other reasons we chose this translation:
It means the same thing in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.
It is a very auspicious character that represents strength and security, while at the same time being a very welcoming symbol.
The Cantonese name for Macau phonetically sounds like ‘Oh Mun’. Our translation shares a character - the ‘mun’ part of ‘Oh-mun’ – lending a local reference.
It is easily identified by Asians and Westerners alike (and looks quite similar to old saloon doors, yes?).
We would like to welcome everyone through our gate to enjoy Portal.