400N Furniture/Decor Exchange

If you live off 400N and have home goods to sell, or if you're looking to buy that perfect piece—this is the group for you! Please remember to play nicely. If you post a piece, please include measurements and cost. Also, if it's posted elsewhere let us know by including "cross posted" somewhere in the listing. If you want to buy a piece, announce that you're interested in the comments. Others interested should comment "back up." Buyers and sellers can work out delivery/payment details through private messages. Once an item is sold, please let us know in the comments. As always, buyers beware. Admin is not responsible for content posted on this site. This exchange is not intended for professional resellers or businesses (sorry RayBan vendors!), nor is it for clothing or jewelry. Posts as such will be removed without notice. Repeat offenders will be deleted without notice. This is your site—enjoy it and happy exchanging!