Michaela Perrin Family Trust Fund

The 500 club has been drawn. Thank you again to this amazing community for their support of Michaela's family. I know that they all appreciate it, and words cannot express their gratitude. Thank you to Timmy Hall who drew the winners from the barrel. The following is the list of winners; 1st $1000 Des Daley
2nd $750 Katie Reid
3rd $500 Georgia Parkinson and Ian Pollard
4th $250 Megan Moloney
5th $100 Tania Cahill
6th $100 Lucy Stuart
7th $100 Trish Miller
8th $100 Doug Benson
9th $100 Janine McAlister Congratulations to these people. The generosity continues with many of the above winners donating their prize money back to the trust.