Internet Marketing for Newbies

Hello my friends! Not so short anymore, but still important to read if you want to join this group.

It's allowed for everyone in this group to post one time in 24 hours with a pitch to a business opportunity. That includes posts with and without a link. Also the ones where is written: inbox me. Successful marketers don't pitch, they give value to people.

Posts with a link to a video, even a marketing video with real content and value, or to articles and blog post are not included in this 24 hour rule. Only the ones which directly promote an offer. If you don't keep to this rule you will be banned from this group.

People who give real value, or just ask questions, are allowed and even encouraged to post more often. And by value I mean: free content, which helps others to succeed.

I will not allow posts anymore which come from an auto poster. So if I read something like this beside the time stamp of your post - Totalposter, AB, makemoneynow, AutoPoster, PushbuttonPoster, PERFECT POST APP, Perfect Post APP, iOS2, BlackBerry Smartphones App - I will delete it without further notice. Yes also the ones with "iOS2, BlackBerry Smartphones App", because this don't come from any iPhone or Black Berry Phone. Believe me, I know all the tricks, I'm a software engineer too.

Also I don't want any promotion of Auto Poster Software in here in anymore.

All the reasons above will lead to removal of the group immidiately. No warnings or reminders anymore, it really is too time consuming to remind everyone.

Furthermore any sexual or inappropriate content will be removed, and you will be banned from this group, without warning.

I appreciate that you are reading these lines. You can connect with me if you have any questions about this group or about marketing. Or if you just want to be my friend. Looking forward to connecting with you.

~ Otmar Braunecker