Items For Sale In Whitchurch/Hengrove Area

Welcome to ‘Items for sale In Whitchurch/ Hengrove Area’
I've created this group so that people in & around Bristol can sell there items and ask for things they might want and look for items they want.


Please note: when selling your items on here, I want you to respect each other of a first come first serve basis (FCFS), in which all I want is each other to be happy.

When posting/ selling your items please add photo/ price of item and location, as this helps anyone who browsing the page know how far they have to go to collect, please understand if someone can’t make it or can’t deliver please accept it.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘make an offer' is welcome but please make sure you add your location to your listing, not flowing rules could get you a ban, not that I wanna ban anyone so please add location.

PLEASE NOTE: *strictly no porn to be advertised nor Ammunition/ Guns are allowed to be sold in group.

PLEASE NOTE: Members to regain from using foul language and insulting members.

PLEASE NOTE: The group takes no responsibility for anything sold here that doesn’t work, or even stolen etc. It is everyone’s responsibility to check item before paying.

PLEASE NOTE: Advertising is allowed as this I believe helps everyone around Bristol communicate but No links to groups are to be advertised on here.

PLEASE NOTE: please bump post not make new ones each time (bumping every 2hrs)

If you cannot find your post maybe its been deleted for not following rules

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re interested in an item ‘put just "yes please" then pm each other and arrange time to collect at what time suits each other.
PLEASE OFFER item/s down the list and if no reply within an hour feel free to move down list and give another person chance to buy your item.
Prior to arrangement PLEASE give at least a few Hours for collection, this is to be arranged by each other, this is due to commitments, if they're out or working etc.

PLEASE CONTACT ADMIN IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH BUYING OR SELLING ALSO, if you’re experienced problems with time wasters, as I would be more than happy to help.

Thank you for joining this group
Happy selling and buying : ) : )

!!All scammers and anyone not following rules will be removed and blocked!!