Indie Game Developers

Independent Game Developers group for small companies and individuals designing and publishing their own games.


No promotion in this group - use our Indie Game Promo sister group for your appstore/google play links, forums, trailers and so on.

You are welcome to announce your kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Greenlight or other campaign, but please keep it to one thread for per game.

First off - be respectful of your fellow group-members. Attacking people, cursing and being disrespectful is the fastest ways to get kicked from the group. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged - but do it in a *constructive* and respectful way and be mindful that you are talking about something that other people are passionate about and spend many hours on.


- Blatant spam (such as shoe adverts) will result in post removal and instant ban.
- Completely off-topic posts will result in likely removal and warnings.
- Personal attacks will result in warnings. Ban after multiple warnings or instantly if severe.
- Somewhat off-topic/trollish may or may not be removed. Don't be a crybaby if you have a post like that removed - just move on. More frequent posts will be deleted and multiple occurrences will result in a ban.
- The language of the group is English - other language posts will usually be removed (unless relevant ie translation for game etc).

Use our sister group for more relaxed discussion, hanging out and non-dev game talk.

Tag the the group moderator in posts with problems.

We have two pages designed to add your twitter/fb links to so that everyone can easily follow everyone they want - so minimize requests for likes/follows and use these instead:

You can add your game/studio from the links above as well.

We will post a sticky every so often encouraging members to go update their likes/follows.

Now that we scared you with all these rules - we have amazing helpful members and a lot of relevant content - so dig in!