Ginawa ko itong group na Ito just for fun not for a war.. So please respect and love each other. Prideless. Dont fight in the comment or post. You just do it to the chat box for privacy. Kindly respect this group.. Do not post a bad words .do not post a video scandal and a photo scandal, Killjoy Is N0t All0wed, Well If You D0nt Like A Post Of Others You Better N0t To C0mment, D0nt Judge The Others, Be Careful To The Words You Tell. Be Happy Always, Bawal Ang Sad, Wag Tay0ng Mamili Ng Hataken Naten As If Interesado Sila, I Welc0me Naten, Yaw Ko Nang Maldita Dito. U Better Leave The Gr0up If U Are The One. Discipline Is Much Better, Y0ur C0operati0n Must Be Appreciated! thankyou!

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