Preowned Items for Oneonta and Surrounding Counties

This group is for selling Electronics, Vehicles, Clothing, Baby Stuff.....anything you want...only for Otsego, Delaware Counties & Surrounding Counties. You are not allowed to sell Weapons of any kind, Guns, Ammo and Wic Items....Fell Free to post
1. Have to give the person interested at least 6 hours to respond...after that you can move on to next person in line
2.Have to post where the item you are trying to sell is located
3. If item the person electronics doesnt work after they buy it have to give refund within 24 hours...make sure items are in woring condition as if stated or post if it doesnt work
3. No Cursing or vulgar language will not be accepted...1 warning then will be removed from group
4.Can bump item only 5 times in 1 day
5. If buying an electronic make sure it works before you purchase it
6. If you are suppose to meet someone that day make sure that you can meet them...or let them know at least an hour in advance that you can not meet
7.Have to put the price that you want and location of the item..also put in description that you can not meet outside of the town that you live
8. If you have a problem...ask the administrator for help
9. If it's posted on other sites or groups. Please put that
Feel Free To Post...No Drama Please...Thanx