Kyogle High School Class of 1986 to 1991


Kyogle means different things to different people.
Having moved away has made me appreciate it for the place it is and what it gave me when I was growing up.

I am pleased to have made the friendships I did and even more pleased to still have those friendships today.

We may drift away from eachother but we still have that one thing in common...we all went to Kyogle High School together. That will never change.

So, this group is for:
- all who started Year 7 at Kyogle High in 1986
- those who joined us on the way to Year 12 in 1991
- those who helped us prepare for the big wide world
- anyone else who wants to join because they always wanted to be one of the cool's your chance

NB: Some recollections may be slightly biased for which I make no apology :-)

Just a couple of things that came to my mind:

- Mt Warning 1986
* was a week long trip then
* tents mysteriously let down at dawn on our last day
* fruit fight
* Mr Smiths impression of Mick Jagger
* snake in the pool
* eskies in the creek to keep our food cool (yes, the creek running along the egde of the campground had water in it back then)
* flanno's catching on fire...
* who got chased by the emu?
- Richmond (the best house), Lindesay, Larkin and Fegan
- Maclean Interschool Visits every year
- Blue Light Disco's in Casino
- hypercolour t-shirts
- hacky sacks
- Roughly 550 kids at KHS
- Computer class with Mrs Macaulay in Room 13... I think we had about 6 computers for the whole school...Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago?
- Sleepovers for Socials - 4 girls using a whole tin of hairspray before the school social...on more than one occasion
- Starting up girls touch footy as a Wednesday sport c.Year 9
- Mrs Marsh was our Year Advisor
- The Gobbledok..chippy, chippy, chippy....aaarrrrr chippy
- Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Ghost, Eddie Murphy Delerious
- Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, Madonna, Bananarama, Samantha Fox, AC/DC
- Working the canteen at the school Social
* Leverette's softdrinks
- Big screen for music clips at some Socials
- Cheetos Cheese and Bacon Balls - still my snack of choice
- Athletics/Swimming Carnivals went for 2 full days each
- Walking through the lane to get from the pool back to school
- Eddie Cowley
- Hour long trip to and from school on the bus (some of the best times)
- Sydney Trip 1989
* The CBD Hotel... and its questionable patrons, piggy backs in the corridors, staying up late...getting up early
* breakfast across the road from the Hotel (after watching 'Pet Cemetery' the night before) and seeing a red shoe in the gutter on the way...
* Taronga Zoo, Evita at the theatre, The Rocks, Kings Cross, Sydney Tower, the Opera House, 10 hr train trip each way
- Jindabyne Trip 1990
* all the girls from other schools infatuated with Noah
* the 'Balcony Boys'
* 5 layers of clothing on to go skiing...then a snow boarder flies past us wearing shorts and a singlet
- 20c Ice Cups at the pool - good work Mr Downes
- the $1 and $2 note disappeared
- Mt Warning Trip 1990
- Peer Support Group training at Mrs Marsh's house 1990
- Apple turnovers..and apple turnovers with cream
- Ballroom dancing lessons in the hall...Mr Densley and his high kicks :-)
- 10B Maths - if you could say a times table in under 10 seconds Mr Perrin would shout you an iceblock at the canteen
- Eucalyptus Drops, Butter Menthols and Anticols
- Seyonces in the library study I heard
- PE with Barry and Robyn
- The rotary hoe going mad in the Ag Plot and getting tangled in the fence...
- Our new music teacher Miss Waters became Mrs Frare
- A thick choc/thick strawb cost 25c
- O'Grady's Au Gratin chips (great on a buttered roll...hang on...anything was great on a buttered roll)
- Some of us saw Halley's Comet in 1986
- Dress-up days - Fairymount Festival
- Single carnations from Powell's Florist
- The smell of mice in the top science rooms
- Trees planted in the quad
- Mr Steele...I wasn't even in any of his classes but he was one of my favourites (Steeley Dog)
- New Geneva bridge opening...Karren, did we even have a lunch pass?
- Urn in Year 12 room with questionable contents
- Extensions to school - new offices and common room connecting the school to the hall
- Being messenger for the day
- Assemblies in the quad
- Dunlop volleys, kung fu shoes, woven school bags
- Mr Edmed riding his pushy to school
- Work Experience
- The time capsule near the new covered walkway - to be opened in 2045 if I remember correctly?
- PE Day Trip to Lake Ainsworth
- Medieval Day
- All the planets painted on the cement in the quad
- John McCormack and his Dad paving the area outside the Year 11 room (just off the side of the hall)
- School Fete - Taco Stand, Helium Balloon Stand, Haunted House
- Going on 'missions'
- Justice's Kyogle Coaches (the best bus) later becoming Mazzer's Kyogle Coaches (still the best bus)
- Year 12 Social and Formal after- party's both at Nigel Roy's parents place
- School Cross Country - hose down as you ran through the cattle yards, Mr Merrotsy v Rusty with Rusty the victor
- Man of Steel - Gibbo
- 10 year Reunion at the Bowlo - Rob Salaun's purple suit

Mates who have Passed:

Scott Little
John McCormick
Colin Russell
Donna Metcalfe