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Description:Do you know Kingdom Hearts?The no.1 games!if not I gonna tell you about it ^_^:
Kingdom Hearts is a story about a 14 year old boy who was chosen by the keyblade to be it's master!the boy name is sora,he is the hero of light,he was dreaming to make a raft to go to the other world,with his friends:riku and kairi,when suddenly at one night,his island,which is destiny island, was destroyed by the darkness and its minions which we called:Heartless,it's up to sora to save the day,with the new keyblade he fought the darkness but since he was new,he lost to the darkness and fall into it,not long after that he awake on an unknown place,which is traverse town,then he saw a dog,suddenly it lid him,sora was suprised and wanted to follow that dog but that dog is already far away,then he met a man with a gunblade and said he will make him sleep for a while then the man attacked sora that result in sora consciousness,when he awake,he saw his friends:kairi but it was an illusion his eyes was mistaken it was yuffie with the man who attacked him,which is leon,then leon tel him the whole story and also said "heartless ill always target the man with the key",sora was still confused not suddenly a rampage of heartless came attacking sora CS leon tell him to run,while an unknown person fell to the door with another person,sora was at some clock tower when suddenly there was an earthquake,and two person fell on top of sora and said "the key"then a large heartless appear,sora with the two person help each other to attack the heartless,and so they defeated the heartless,leon and his other friends come and so the two man introduce theirself:they are goofy and donald,their king said to find the person with the key,and also they had a mission to find their king which is lost,donald then ask sora to go with them,goofy was happy and ask sora too,sora was not sure but leon and his friends convinced him,so sora agreed,then donald give a hand so do goofy then sora was confused for a while but give his hands too,not long after that they said:"All for one,and one for all" donalds told sora that they will only go to another world with a happy face,sora was silenjced for onced,goofy and donald thought that they are making his sadness even more,but suddenly:...Sora smile with a face so funny that make them silence for a while,sora was confused,not long after that they laugh... that's the begginning of kingdom hearts if you have more questions just ask me!
And now for you who think that you started loving kingdom hearts,here is the descriptions:
You know you love Kingdom Hearts when...
Join us be a true kingdom heart lover,no need of payment just show your love by joining this group!

1.) You've played the game multiple times and enjoy it the same way each time.
2.) You know the real name's of almost all the members of the Organization.
3.) The ones you don't know are Axel and Saix.
4.) You played through Kingdom Hearts II eagerly awaiting the return of Roxas.
5.) You were disappointed when he never returned.
6.) You felt angry with Sora when Roxas merged with him.
7.) You were sad when Diz (Ansem the Wise) died.
8.) You noticed every person whose voice was changed in KH2.
9.) You've felt the urge to go rewatch all the old Disney movies after playing.
10.) You want Sora's clothes.
11.) Part of you still hoped Roxas would come join your party even after the fight scene between him and Sora.
12.) When you found out that Jesse McCartney did the voice of Roxas, you had a whole new respect for him.
12.5) You suddenly became a Jesse McCartney fan when you found this out.
13.) You could tell which Disney characters were voiced by the same actors from the movies.
14.) You felt sorry for Sora when Riku stole his Keyblade and friends.
15.) The Beast became your new favorite Disney character at that part.
16.) You've gone shopping at an anime store and come out with only Kingdom Hearts stuff.
17.) You keep the games overdue from the video store.
18.) You hated Aerith's voice in KH2.
19.) Kingdom Hearts has renewed your love for Disney.
20.) You're eagerly awaiting the release of the next Kingdom Hearts game, and will likely buy a PS3 just to play it.
21.) You never noticed Xemnas also spelled Mansex, but when you did you found it hilarious.
22.) Your favorite part of the game was when you could take control of Riku during the final battle.
23.) You've decided what your name would be if you were a Nobody.
24.) You were upset when you had to fight Demyx because he was so awesome.
25.) You were excited by the fact that Maleficent was defending you from the Nobodies in Hollow Bastion.
26.) You HATED the Pirates of the Caribbean level, but would have loved it if Johnny Depp, Geoffry Rush, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly had voiced it.
27.) You're hoping Davy Jones will be in the next one.
28.) You've tried to style your hair like characters from the game and failed.
29.) You've tried to style your hair like characters from the game and succeeded.
30.) You frequently quote Organization XIII.
31.) You're STILL hoping Roxas will make a come-back.
32.) You cried your eyes out several times during the game, including the heart-wrenching scene where Axel died.
33.) You find yourself quoting Kingdom Hearts on accident, but then laugh when you realize it.
34.) You seemed to out of nowhere have a new appreciation for 7th Heaven, Heroes, and The Sixth Sense.
35.) You understood number 34.
36.) You now know that Quinton Flynn is awesome.
37.) You belong to several Kingdom Hearts-related groups on Facebook, and check each of them daily, if not more often.
38.) You were pleasantly surprised at the fact that Haley Joel Osment can sing.
39.) You are CONSTANTLY saying: "Got it memorized?"
40.) You thought that getting to be a lion cub was awesome, and thought that Sora looked extremely cool.
41.) You know exactly what your name would be if you were a member of Organization XIII.
42.) You take karate so you can learn to fight like they did in the games, and you realized, its harder than it looks.
43.) Your desktop background is KH
44.) You actually spent 600$ a PS3 just so you can play KH3 when it comes out.
45.) You can identify every single nobody and heartless by name.
46.) You hate it when people call it "Kingdom of Hearts"
47.) You bought every single volume of the KG manga.
48.) You have a life-size keyblade. (or want one!)
49.) You frequently heal Donald and Goofy, even when you know they are perfectly capable of healing themselves. You like when they thank you.
50.) You cried when you thought Goofy died in KH 2, then got mad, and started kicking heartless/nobody but.
51.) You were really relieved when you found out Goofy had not died.
52.) You berated yourself for not noticing/forgetting that Goofy had to be re-equipped.
-53.) You considered one of the character's names for your future children.
54.) The first time you played KH 1 and were briefly a heartless, you felt really scared and alone.
55.) The second time you played KH 1 and were briefly a heartless, you thought it was really cool, and though it was really cute the way you walked.
56.) The first time you played KH 1 and had to defend yourself with a wooden sword on Destiny Islands, made you break out in a sweat.
57.) In Hollow Bastion, you felt totally naked and helpless without your keyblade.
58.) You can sing both of the opening both English and Japanese.
59.) You learned/are leaning how to sew so that you can make KH clothes
60.) You've tried to make a keyblade out of cardboard
61.) You have worn black and white electric tape on your fingers to look like Roxas
62.) You can think of more things to add to this list.
63.) You write a wall post telling all of them to me.

*you guys are coming up with some really good ones!*
"Smile and peace of kingdom hearts"XD!