Report: summary At about 12:10pm, Tuesday, 27/01/15, the committee arrived at the new campus of O'Reilly, located at Teshie , Okpoi Gonno. It was a joyous moment to touch base with our alma mater.We were welcomed by Mr Nora, who took us to the head mistress office. We had a very good session with the head mistress, Mrs Mary Adu-Gyamfi. Madam Adu-Gyamfi enumerated the problems facing the school as follows:
1. Encroachment of the school land by private persons
2. No wall to secure the school land and the students, especially the boarders
3. Muddy school compound and environment during raining season
4. The need for a new vehicle body for the school vehicle
5. Low moral of teachers She requested that our group assist the school by: 1. Erecting a wall around the school, especially the boarding houses to provide security for both students and teachers 2. Buy a new vehicle body for the school vehicle (the vehicle engine is good)
3. Buy some chippings stones for the school compound to reduce the muddiness of the compound during raining season
4. Visit the school regularly to motivate both students and teachers