Hon.Joseph Samal Lomwa...MP ISIOLO NORTH

I would like to thank the Bulapesa youths for assisting the victims of the fire on Sunday morning,keep up the spirit of helping each other when the need arises. i also want to appreciate that you headed my advice of, not engaging in any violent act. the Bula youth are not bad but they need to be listened to/give them audience and nothing will go wrong. i pleaded to them and the security personnels to calm down for the sake of peace and i am happy both the police and youth did not engage in whatever ugly incident that took place before my arrival. thanks to all those i asked to respect each other. concerning the victims say sorry for the loss of property and i hope the county government will improve on the little mistakes on the use fire-fighting engine-we can advice each other on the ways to reduce such calamities in the future. i am also sorry for isiolo and Bula residents and also to the unconfirmed accident that took place around Gambela.May God help us all.