BoP Ferns Club

We are a Sports Fraternity of Sports Achievers who;

Provide regular fellowship and support amongst sport participants - both past and present; including hearing the views of interesting, relevant invited speakers at meetings of the Club;
Are “a face of Sport" for the Province of the Bay of Plenty ["B.O.P.];
Endorse “character building” for all age-groups through participating in organised, disciplined sports activities - recognising particularly qualities of “fair play”; “skills development”; and a personal striving to "Be The Best" that you can be!;
Pass on "real" Sporting Experience to the next generation.

We recognise the Bay of Plenty Region's “CONTRIBUTION” to Provincial / NZ / International sporting successes;
and Inspire “ACHIEVEMENT” in our local youth.

The Club meets regularly - approximately quarterly - and enjoys hearing the views of quality Guest Speakers