Kings Cross King Hits


No doubt you have all heard about the Bacardi Softball Tournament taking place on Sunday the 15th of February!!
It's time to assemble the greatest smackiest wackiest collaboration the Bacardi softball world has ever seen!
As team captain I have been charged with asking a few of the 'big hitters' in the kings cross bar scene to join our epic team!
As you can see by the members I have added to our page, only a few have been selected thus far but I should have the rest of the team on board by Friday.
If any of you have someone in mind that you would like to see added to the team or you think by be an asset to our team of legends, please let me know. There is one proviso, they must work in a bar in Kings cross / Potts Point / Darlinghurst.
We only have room for 10 players + 3 on the bench but invite as many cheerleaders as humanly possible down for the day. There will be RUM, oh yes, there will be RUM!!
If you know someone who would like to come down and support us please feel free to add them to our page!
I will in touch with more info as soon we have all our star players on board!