Keeping Up With Kevin

On the morning of June 12, Kevin was traveling from his home in Logan Square, Chicago to the church he pastors in the Lakeview neighborhood. Per usual, he was driving his scooter and wearing his motorcycle helmet. While making a left turn, he was struck by a car that blew through a stop sign and fled the scene. Kevin was thrown about 30-40 feet and sustained severe head trauma, broken ribs, a pierced lung, and a broken back (L1). He received emergency neurosurgery to remove a subdural hematoma and relieve pressure on the brain. Kevin has emerged from a coma and was transferred out of the SICU on August 1. From there he spent 4 months at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He is currently at Manor Care in Hinsdale. Visitors are welcome there from 8 am to 8 pm. Feel free to leave your thoughts about Kevin, good wishes, or questions about his health here on this page. His wife, sisters, and possibly parents and clergy will try to keep posting updates. We know that Kevin is special to each of you, and if he could speak right now, he would want you to feel that you are involved and a part of this journey.
If you're interested in making a donation to Kevin and his family at this time we've set up a site where you can do that. Here's the link to the site: