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if you cannot seem to comply by these rules delete yourself now to save admin doing so. This page is name shame or praise a business or member of the community not a page to promote hate speech or violence. It is page where members can post freely to let other members know where the good the bad and the ugly service is.
Admin; Sonya Shalouf and Aratak Kaff

This Group is to Name , Shame or Praise good businesses , individual with their work ethic , experience , customer service and quality product.

All Posts on here are from a personal experience , if the business mentioned would like to make a resolution , reply with a solution or compensate customers for the bad experience they can do it by posting a comment or sending a private message to the person involved.

Looking at the bright side of this group we would like to praise and promote good businesses and let people know that it is the place to go if they need good service , excellent experience, good food etc ...

If you think that your name was posted on here by mistake or you think you are a victim of bullying please contact one of the admins and they will be more than happy to help you out.