GoWith Jona Goodluck 2015

1-Privatization of Electricity sector:
GOODLUCK JONATHAN has privatized the power
sector and the new private owners are working
round the clock to overhaul this 35-year crippled
2-Under GOODLUCK JONATHAN Agriculture has
been transformed from a social programme into a
BUSINESS. Fertilizer racketeering has ended while
Farmers now receive Agricultural inputs from
government through a modern E-wallet system.
3. For decades Nigerians traveling to the East spent
hours stuck on the Benin-Ore Road, previous
administrations including Buhari-led PTF looked the
other way while Nigerians suffered and died on that
road. GOODLUCK JONATHAN did not repair Benin-
Ore road, his administration reconstructed it.
Today, the once notorious Benin-Ore road is now a
modern spectacle.
4. Before this administration, MOST of Nigeria’s
vehicle assembling plants where dead and buried.
Today, GOODLUCK JONATHAN’s automotive policy
has revived the vehicle manufacturing and
assembling industry in Nigeria. Hyundai, Nissan, and
Peugeot have resumed car assembling in Nigeria.
Innoson Motors, Nigeria’s first indigenous car-brand
is being patronized and encouraged by government.
5. Previous governments starved and destroyed
Nigeria’s Railway system so as to encourage use of
Trailers on roads-a sector controlled by their
cronies. GOODLUCK JONATHAN’s government revived
the rail system in incredible ways so much so that
KPMG recently listed the almost complete Abuja-
Kaduna Modern Rail System as one of the top 100
infrastructural developments in the world.
6. GOODLUCK JONATHAN has built over nine (9) new
federal universities; today EVERY Nigerian state has
a federal university.
7. There was a time when Government Youth
Empowerment programmes in Nigeria meant giving
monthly stipends to young political thugs and their
allies while the real Nigerian youth suffered.
and for the first time in Nigeria's history, brilliant
Nigerian youths with competitive business plans are
becoming direct beneficiaries of government
financial grants. The YOUWIN selection process is
powered by reputable private consultants and as
such bona-fide winners emerge without any
connections with Abuja officials.
SAMBO in 2015.
Vote PDP