Dear Anonymous


This group was created as a duration project for my Art class my freshman year of college (I am now two years out of school, having graduated from Ohio University). The point of the group is for this to be an open space for people to write anything about anyone or anything without stating who it's to...which is why it's called Dear Anonymous. Every post should start with "Dear Anonymous" and then continue with anything that you would like to say to someone whether it be words of love, anger, friendship, adoration, inspiration...anything that you would like. This is a place to just unload, get things off your chest, and write what you feel.
Keep in mind though, while this is a halfway open group to be free with your words, I cannot control who sees and does not see your post. So careful what you write in that aspect. Anyone who deliberately bashes anyone else in this group knowing that they will read it...I will remove you. Or if you are commenting on someone else's post and naming names and being blatantly rude...go somewhere else, or keep it to yourself. No fighting. No continuous drama. If there's any need for that, share your words with someone in real life...NOT on the internet. I know this is quite controversial/contradictory but I do NOT support bullying. I won't tolerate it.
So enjoy this page, and thank you to everyone so far who has made this a success, abide by the rules and keep posting. Support one another through the hardships of life and be considerate to what people are going through.

*Any member being harassed by other members of the group, I encourage you to message me privately and I will gladly remove that person.