Cullen Bay Community

Welcome to the Cullen Bay Community page.

This group has been created to allow the residents of Cullen Bay to interact with one and other in a closed forum.

This page is for residents and investors only – Exception to this rule is at the discretion of admin.

If you have concerns regarding suspicious behaviour within the Cullen Bay community, please post the relevant details on the page so that we can keep our neighbours informed.

Please note that this page is not monitored by the NT Police and in the event of an emergency or life threatening situation dial 000 otherwise, please telephone 131 444 to report all suspicious activity.

Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated – This page is continuously moderated and we ask you to put some thought into your comment or picture before posting. Admin reserve the right to delete, hide or report any comments and/or posts made on this page. Admin also reserves the right to remove/ban users from the page without warning.

This is a community page to benefit the residents and investors of Cullen Bay. If you wish to promote your local Cullen Bay based business on the page please feel free to do so however, a further incentive for locals residents would be appreciated and we ask that you limit such posts to once a week.

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope that you find the page helpful.