Vintage Collection in Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents, this is the place for you to post vintage collectibles for sale or that you are looking to purchase.

By joining this group, you acknowledge and accept the following guidelines and expectations:

1. All items posted for sale must be located in Massachusetts.

2. Any for sale post must include the following: one or more photos, a brief description, the asking price, and city/town were the item is located. You may add up to 4 new posts and/or bump up to 4 posts per 24 hour period.

3. You may NOT sell weapons, adult entertainment, or alcohol. Anyone doing so will be removed and banned from the group and reported to Facebook and if necessary, the local police.

4. If you want to purchase a posted item, comment with "Interested" or state that you wish to buy the item(s).

5. Sellers will go in order of those commenting that they want to buy the item. If someone passes on the purchase, the seller will move on to the next person listed. Buyers who cancel with less than 24 hours notice will be put on notice. Three strikes and you're out of the group. Everyone's time is valuable. Please be considerate.

6. Please wait 24 hours before "bumping" your post back to the top. Do not bump more than 4 posts per 24 hours.

7. Remove all photos and descriptions of items after they have been paid for and picked up.

8. Brick and mortar businesses may not post. eBay shop owners may not post. Do not post links to outside businesses.

9. Spammers will automatically be banned.

10. All items must be at least 25 years old.

Please create a photo album if you are posting 2 or more photos. To do so, click on the Photos link at the top of the page.

Click on Upload Photos button.

Choose photos to upload.

You may name the photo album if you'd like. Facebook will automatically title it today's date.

Click the "Create Album" button.

Facebook has now created your album. Click on individual photos to write long descriptions. Make sure you include pricing and location.

The admin of this page, Facebook, and their affiliates are not responsible for any verbal written, or monetary transactions.