I would like to say thank you to those that thought I would be good enough to become a candidate for TUSC specially putting me up for Hazel Blears seat
I was brought up in a small mining village in west Yorkshire, I have 2 sisters one younger than me and one older who I love dearly, my dad was a miner and my mum a councillor they fought hard and always respected peoples decision's I came to live in Salford when I was nearly 17 yrs old because there was little work and mills and factories were closing in our nearest town.
Although I love my birth place I equally love my Salford .from the moment we moved here people accepted us and always helped us, and made us feel part of the community
I have 7 children I am a grandma and great grandma. Both my husband and myself began long term fostering for Salford 25yrs ago and have been adult carers for the same boys ever since, we feel so privileged that we were allowed to do this because between our birth children and our special children our lives have been so enriched I find as I am getting older I have the need to fight for my special sons and the most vulnerable people in Salford because they are getting a rough deal all round from both the government and council .when I heard about TUSC I decided to read up about it because all through our fight over the transport the people that came and stood with us was union members and those against the cuts which when I did read I really felt the views I had was just the same as TUSC .we need to be fighting for our most vulnerable ,the elderly, those who are unable to voice their opinions, homelessness, the list is endless
and to see our city that has been good to me being dragged to its knees well its time to stand and give back to Salford what it gave to me when I needed it most.