Search Engine Academy Local Community Workshops

Welcome to John Alexanders and Search Engine Academy Associates hands-on SEO Mastery Workshops located in real world communities across US, Canada, Asia and Australia.

What are some of the differences between attending a Local Search Engine Academy and attending a more traditional style of "seminar" or trade show?

-SEA Trainers focus on developing each attendees SEO skills rather than just demonstrating tools.
- Personalized skill building to each participant from experts
- Personal benchmarking the growth of each student
- A hands-on workshop, rather than a trade show
- Small limited enrollment that gives you personal attention
- Ongoing Mentoring Programs (at no extra cost)
- Basic to highly advanced skills development in minimal time plus earn your SEO certification of skills
- Updated materials that are not published elsewhere

What is unique about the Search Engine Academy?

The Search Engine Academy has delivered professional SEO skills training through it's various educators to all types of businesses and in all industry segments from retail and wholesale to SEO professional services and Internet Consultants. Training has been conducted by Search Engine Academy for hospitals, charities, for both US and Canadian Governments as well as in tandem with the Major Search Engines (as well as having had the privilege of teaching attendees from Major Search Engines. The Search Engine Academy conducts SEO skills training, occasionally for the US Patent office.

When you need genuine SEO skills nothing else matches the dynamics of live hands-on training right within your own local community. Learn by doing - rather than by studying books or trying stare at hours of video. One of the most important benefits is rapid skills development.

SEA is serving live SEO workshops in Toronto, Montreal, Orange County, New York Metro, Washington DC, Tampa Bay Area, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Texas, Pennsylvania as well Internationally in Australia, United Arab Emirates and Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Watch for a local Search Engine Academy coming to a location near you soon.