Faithful, Science-Minded Catholic Women

We are a group of science-minded Catholic women who are faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium. As a social space for like-minded Catholics, we also welcome civil, respectful discussion of other topics, such as liturgy, parenting, NFP, prayer requests, etc. Church doctrine, however, is not up for debate. We are open to respectful debate on scientific issues, so long as people cite reputable resources to support what they say (peer reviewed journals are reputable, websites/blogs/popular publications are not). For privacy reasons, posting screenshots taken from this group is not permitted.

Because we have had issues with spammers and trolls, we do not approve new member requests when profiles don't show enough information. If we're not sure someone is female and Catholic, we err on the side of caution and do not approve membership. In that case, you may PM an admin about temporarily opening up your profile so that we can better assess your suitability for the group.

Note: We are pro-vaccine. While we know there are ethical issues with vaccines derived from fetal stem cell lines, we follow the Vatican's teaching on the matter. Please see our pinned post for what the Pontifical Academy for Life, as commissioned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has written about the issue.

This group was formed after a number of original members became frustrated with the anti-Catholic backlash in otherwise scientifically-sound groups. Many Catholic groups have an overwhelming leaning towards unscientific ideas, to the point of censoring and occasional banning when one dissents from the "woo" (pseudoscientific) thoughts. We hope that this group will be able to provide that middle ground for women looking for a safe place to converse without censorship or anti-Catholic rhetoric. In that line, we also encourage a variety of topics, even if they are not scientific in nature.

This group is NOT here for the sole purpose of evangelizing and changing others' minds. The founders of this group came here because we were fed up with the anti-catholic, pro-abortion attitude in other groups that supported vaccines and real science and fed up with other Catholic groups that were so very anti-vaccine and anti-science that expressing any other view can get your comment deleted and and banned. Many of us have left Catholic groups, because rational, scientific views were silenced there. Others have left science-minded groups, because their faith was mocked there. A huge portion of our purpose is solely to have other women who think and feel like us and know that we can vent without being banned, or laughed at for being pro-life. A place to ask for help when wondering how to deal with family and friends that have really fallen down the rabbit hole. A place to post articles we agree with without having to worry about backlash, like we would if we posted it on our own personal pages.