LDS singles 25+ Discussion board

Group rules and standards:
1. This is, first and foremost, a group for LDS Singles. It is not endorsed or sponsored by the Church, but we are a closed group catering to other single adults within the Church. This means that if someone is requesting to be added to the group and we cannot see anything in the profile that shows membership in the church, no other LDS groups, or other such “tells”, chances are, that person will be denied entry.

2. We try and practice self-regulation here. Please be an adult. Don’t harass and attack people. There are many people here with many backgrounds, and we will not all agree on a variety of topics. But when someone disagrees with you, when discussing your opinion, don’t attack the other person. He or she is allowed to disagree with you. Don’t flag a post because you disagree with the topic, that’s just very petty.

3. We will not censor most topics. Because we are members of the same church, we need to be cognizant of where that magical line is. We can talk about sex and relationships, but not turn it into Lit Erotica. We can talk about topics going on in our world today, including the always touchy subject of politics, but again, be an adult. We will not just automatically swoop in and cut down a post because it talks about something controversial. But DO NOT be a troll! And if you see anyone being a troll, don’t engage. Trolls won’t be tolerated. If you come in just to harass and attack, always hijack every thread just because you’re a prick, you will end up getting run.

4. It is never a great idea to start trying to block one of the three Admins. We can still see your posts and see you talk crap, and then honestly it just ends up that you are more trouble than you are worth keeping around. If everyone acted like an adult, no one would really need to block anyone in most circumstances.

5. No more spamming the page with selfies. This is NOT a dating page, it's not the place to come in and say "I'll leave this right here" every Sunday by posting your pics. Please have respect for others by not spamming the page constantly with your pics. Make friends, add people to your friends list, and you both can look at your selfies on your profile till your hear's content. This is a Discussion Group, not a dating site. If for some reason you are unable to survive without posting a selfie, especially on Sundays, keep them in one thread, where every one who likes to do that can all follow along and participate, but the page is not cluttered with multiple people posting the same kind of thing.

6. And lastly, just try and have fun and talk, participate, and make friends. This isn't a dating site, it’s an LDS Singles group. We have a ton of people who join and then never participate. I have no idea why one would want to do that. Why clog up your notification feed with a group you belong to but never participate in?