Everything and anything FREE Calgary Northeast

This group is for members who live in the North East of Calgary or are willing to meet in the North East to pickup or drop off. Everything posted must be free. No business ads whatsoever. No Drama !!!!! All Free Giveaways will be on a first comment basis. People have 1 hour to respond if they are first to comment on an item before the seller will move on to the next person down the comments. Please be respectful. Anyone not being respectful will be kicked out of the group. There is NO "First Come, First Served" as this can become dangerous! We will not Tolerate "Line Jumping" So it does not matter if you are in the area for a item or if you think you need it more than someone else. Ensure to keep to the order of who says next. If you have any questions, concerns or any problems, please contact the Group Admins, Jen Marshall, Jessica Hicken, Connie King or Shauna Elliot :) Enjoy the group.