EL pudAi - Baon de Buntot

EL pudAi
also known as Baon de Buntot..

Joining in El pUdAi enables u to win a FREE COKE,
just submit your Contract including your account number..
and automatically, 20% salary deduction...
no need for queuing in banks and atm's..
no application forms, pictures...etc..
sa EL pudAi, hassle free d2...
san ka pa??

Please be reminded that this is a closed group and is only exclusive to EL Pudai Members (crew of Coral Seas batch 2013-2014). All events, pictures, videos, jokes, laugh trips, etc. captured during our time in this vessel shall be posted here and should not be posted on public as this may lead to misunderstandings and other interpretations which may cause harm to others and other concerned parties.
This Group will serve as a connection between us even though were miles apart as we maintain and will continue to grow the harmonious relationship and friendship we build during the times we've been together.