Farmville 2 Country Escape (Farmers in action)

Welcome to Farmville 2 Country Escape (Farmers in Action).

Please read below a few rules for this group, which are designed to make this a
happy, worthwhile and active group.
This is a group designed for high level players, who can request items to assist
other co-op members or for themselves. This may be to assist in completing
achievements, quests or tasks etc

1. All posts are strictly for County Escape only.
2. Posts for any other games will result in that person being banned from group.
3. Please post in the appropriate section for items required.
4. Please post in the “Add me” section only if you wish others to add you.Anyone posting elsewhere will have that post removed.
5. Any posts containing bad language, harassing or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic ban from the group.
6. We are always open to suggestions and improvements. Please contact a member of Admin with any ideas you have.
7. Most important of all – have fun and please help this to be an active and useful group.