Cydney is going to Ocean City, NEW JERSEY

Hello friends and family!!

I have been accepted by Coalition for Christian Outreach ministry to be apart of the Ocean City Beach Project during the summer of 2015. The CCO is a campus ministry organization that wants to see God transform college students to transform the world.

I will be in Ocean City, NJ from June 1 to August 1- 2 whole months growing relationships with other Christian students, non- Christians, and most importantly growing in my faith with Jesus Christ.

Although, I have been accepted I have to pay my way to this awesome adventure. I am seeking a one-time donation from you all to help me get there! If you are not able to support me financially I completely understand- but I would also love your prayers and loving support!!

If you could do any of those things that would be amazing- just let mw know what you can do!

Also, if you are able to contribute a donation please feel free to post your address or send it to me through message r text message so I can send you a support letter with further information.

Thank you so much!
God bless
Love, Cydney