Google Translate Community for Pashto

Google has recently added Pashto to the list of Google Translate program and they want our support to translate their databases from English into Pashto language and then improve it further. The email below from Google will explain the rest.

Hello Pashto Speakers,

We're contacting you because you've expressed interest in the past to help Google Translate with Pashto language. We've recently announced a new Google Translate Community where language enthusiasts can contribute their language skills and help us improve and ultimately launch Google Translate in their language.

Although Google Translate is an automatic machine translation tool, sometimes we need help from native speakers to get a language off the ground. We hope that you can help us with this project and invite your friends and community to participate. If you have any feedback for us, please don't hesitate to submit it via "Send feedback" link on the bottom of the page (we read all of these reports but can't always respond).

Thank you in advance on behalf of Google Translate Community team,