Hi Everyone ! Welcome to my Group ! This will be 2-3 Day Auctions. Posts can be Deleted after a 24hr period if you choose and
if there are No Bids. SB $4 - $20. Always post Ending Date & PU Location.
It is very Important that all Items are Clean and if anything is Damaged that it is Clearly Stated. 2 Days PU' S.. Lets keep this Simple & Fun !!!! Very IMPORTANT That You Have Correct Amount Of $ When PU Your Winnings, I Can Not Express This Enough ! This has to be reported to me please members... Thx ! Reserved Bids are Welcome & No $1 Bids.. Flash 24hr Auctions Aloud !!! If you do not have a RB on your item and it is valuable and not moving , please feel free to add a RB at anytime of your auction...No bidding up by just $1.... This Auction Site will always End at 10pm on your Ending Date... Thx , ABSOULUTELY NO ADVERTISING ON THIS SITE, IT IS A AUCTION SITE ONLY.... there are lots of advertising sites. Please remember no going up on a bid $1. so No $1. bids, any jump bidding aloud... The Last Bidder Before 10;01 is the Winner... Thx, Have Fun Guys & Gails !!! Admins, Jacquie