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Minimal Techno ( Sub Genres ), Deep House, Tech House
Acid Experimental ( Acid House )
Techno, Detroit Techno
Tokyo Techno ( Progressive House )
Sub Tech
Electro Beat, Break Beat, Drum&Base
Acid Punk
Raw Data
Lahti Techno (Hard & Distorted Minimal Acid)
S'mroom ( A fucked up art style. )

Minimal is Beautiful!
JuST CHeCk the (PoSteD ItEmS) BeLo♥ & Joy!

This is the very first official techno music based group found in facebook.

The most oldest known minimal techno is called Morse Code. It was experimental electronic signal to send information through wires, until it was formed into alphabets.

Bell Laboratory studied electronic music for many reasons, like how to send coded messages.

Minimal has roots in early 50's even people consider it quite a new style. Minimal idealism was created by a chinese classical music producer who said:

More is less, less is more. - While he was playing "Gu-Zheng".

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