Amazing Artists in Paradise

GROUP POLICIES "AMAZING ARTISTS IN PARADISE" Please be sure to these policies when you join the group.

Welcome to Amazing Artists in Paradise! Thank you so much for helping to make this group successful! We're looking forward being able to enjoy artwork from many talented artists all over the world.

All forms of artistic expression will be accepted providing it's in good taste and not offensive. This includes, but not limited to abstracts, portraits, architecture, oils, acrylics, sculpture, comics, digital art, photography, pencil art, fractal art, gardening and landscaping, woodworking, floral design, mosaic, jewelry, music, food decorating and design, street art, tattoos, words of wisdom and inspirational reflections and other arts that may not have been mentioned.

If you post another artists work, please make reference to the other artist. No political, religious, or racist posts will be allowed. This group is for art posts only! We have many different countries representated in our group and every country will be respected! Please don't block Adm. Do not violate Facebook Terms of Service. If you need information from an artist regarding purchasing artwork, please contact the artist directly. Please limit your posts to 3 per day. This group is not an auction group. If you post your own link on the news feed, please don't attach it to another members post.

If there is a post that is questionable, Hirak or I will message that person to remind them of the group policies and ask for the post to be removed. If it happens again, the post and the member will be removed! No profanity is allowed!! Keeping quality artwork and following group policies will allow us to keep top-quality artists.

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc, please contact Hirak or myself. Thanks again and please invite your friends to join us in "Amazing Artists in Paradise!"

Hirak & Lynn