Shelby County,Illinois Animal Rehome

This is a group that if you need to sell something or get rid of it to post it on!!

- No rude comments are to be made at a person having to rehome there animals.

- ALL puppies and kittens must be 8 weeks to rehome. It's state law. Any post seen breaking this will be deleted immediately.

-Nothing over $200 allowed. A safe rehome fee is around $75.

- Dogs in pounds needing help are allowed to be posted.

- you may post pups you bred ONLY IF the parents have been hunted with or showed in the ring AND have all health clearances like OFA, hips etc and must be able to show proof.

- If not in Shelby county you must be willing to drive to Shelby county and pick up the animal

- may post pet supplies as well

- You may post questions regarding any training questions.