Restaurants & Cigarettes

Is it fair? Can we not make our own choices any longer? Then stop selling them to us. No!?? You won't do that? How come? We all know why... To much money will be lost.

We as a group don't want to change everything, however, we would like to make our own choices.

Smoking inside, absolutely not. That has been made clear for years now. And I think, whether you're a smoker, a non smoker, or a sociable smoker then we don't want to eat next to a chain smoker. It can be looked at as rude.

However, outside, on a patio at a restaurant we as customers and as business owners have a choice. Don't ya think? And us as a group can agree, it's pretty simple.

Start by having a red, yellow and green sticker at the entrance of the restaurant and in the patio. Red obviously means we as a restaurant don't allow smoking on our patio. Green means yes we do and yellow has both. A section for both. As a customer, you can choose your own preference. Simple don't ya think?

Let's take a stand for something. If not, things will just keep getting harder and harder for us to have a voice. A voice as a customer, and a voice as a restaurant owner. Speak up. Help spread the voice of choice. How can someone take that away from us?