Out with the Old and in with the New Lansing Area Resale Site

1. No Shows will not be tolerated! You will blocked & banned from the group!
2. If there is an issue please tag an admin, please do not take it upon yourself to handle it!
3. No guns of any type will be allowed to be sold, or any illegal items.
4. If you do not like a post simply report it & it will be taken care of.
5. Any rude, Caty, or offensive comments will be deleted & you will get a warning. If you get warned more then once you'll be banned!
6. Please sel quality items don't sell something you'd donate.
7. Have fun finding great deals & purchasing items And selling items and making some extra cash
8. Please don't post multiple photos, any additional photos may be put in comments! Otherwise your post will be deleted! & have to be reposted!
9. All items must have a price & say the condition they are in!
⭐Excellent used condition (EUC) New With Tags (NWT) New Without Tags (NWOT) Good Used Condition (GUC) Hard to Find (HTF) Pending pick up (PPU) ⭐
10. Once an items has been sold please delete your photo!!
⭐The Admins as of now Are Sabrina Berry & Myself!⭐ Thanks! & Happy shopping